Best free to play games of 2016

You know the feeling, you want to perform a lot of games but you are not in the mood to invest a lot of money. “But I have play all good free to play games currently!” Think again, there are a lot much more good free to play games making the rounds on the internet than just the popular types (League of Legends, Regarding Tanks, Warthunder, Hearthstone and thus on). So let me become your guide to some of the more concealed free to play games that will be really worth your time.

In the first person present shooter corner we’ve got the beast of a mod which evolved into a standalone video game, and is still being played out by a lot more people you would think.

Project Fact started out as a mod for your famous game Battlefield two, but soon evolved much beyond the potential of the Battleground 2 game itself, as well as went standalone. This separate is now free to download online, and is still getting up-dates to this day.

Battlefield 2 game

Now why would you enjoy this game that is depending on such an old engine? Nicely, because the developers of the online game have strived towards making a realistic battlefield feeling, and also have succeeded to do so in my very humble opinion. If you are a fan associated with playing first person shooters which are a bit more realistic than Battleground, Call of Duty and such, this is the game for you. What makes this activity so awesome is the local community, really playing together and also forming squads within video game communication to crush their own enemy with the power of team-work. Also the developers of the standalone mod are now focusing on their own game, with a completely new, good looking, engine.

This online game is called Squad, and it will become released somewhere at the start regarding 2016. If the Dota type would make babies with the real-time strategy genre, you would obtain Total War Arena!

Total War Arena is a brand new free to play game which is actually still in “closed” beta. I say “Closed” simply because everyone who wants to join is actually entitled to get a free step to the game on the Total Battle website.

total war arena game

Go check the game out if you are looking for a game which has the core of the Ancient Rome total war game, however took some of the faster spaced elements of LoL or Dota. They also added extra abilities to all the available models so there would be more of a micromanagement element to the combat.

Hanging around you can currently play because 3 factions: Romans, Portugal, and the Barbarian faction.

Each one of these factions has multiple frontrunners, which can lead your males into battle in their personal way. The game also has any tech tree for each innovator, in which you can research and purchase your units (within activity money), so you can form your personal small army and participate in along other players.

The way in which I can best describe the overall game is like a medieval type of World of Tanks with more Dota-like elements. Although I have not played a lot of this video game yet, I have to say this looks promising, and I anticipate see it develop further.

Lastly, for people that are looking for a good liberated to play MMO, check out Atmosphere forges.

Sky forge is among the first MMO’s that actually created a good impression on me personally in a long time. There have been most of the same MMO’s failing simply because they were all trying to duplicate the World of Warcraft model. The Programmers of Sky forge but decided to go for a whole new program when it comes to levelling, talent method, and because of that, the fight also has changed in a great way.

Sky forge game

In the game you actually play like a character that is trying to turn into a god, this is why you do not level in the game but you just gain prestige as a dimension of power, which I look for a nice way of levelling. Generally there isn’t really something since endgame in this game, since it just puts you along with people of the same prestige amounts, so you don’t have to spend hrs on farming before you can have fun with the game properly. Although a higher level00 prestige brings more experienced competitors and therefore more fun.

So if you tend to be up for trying something new along with refreshing and love MMO’s then I would definitely suggest Heavens forge.

I hope one or more from the games I mentioned above will certainly interest you and fill up some of your evenings come early July. If you would like to see more of the information please let us know.

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